You can group your end points by manufacturer, machine type, or by process segment, such as silage recovery, for example, in order to effectively categorise them. All settings you make shall apply to all members of the group. The group membership can be modified under the “Groups” tab. The “Routing” tab can be used to manage routes. You can view individual end points including their group membership under the “End points” button in the Control Centre. You can see the end points combined into groups under the “Groups” button. You can also manage the groups here.
The advantage of groups is that defined routings always apply to all group members, since the routes defined are inherited by all group members and do not have to be created individually for each group member.
All newly added telemetry units (connections) or machines are automatically assigned to the default group. This group is always present and can therefore not be deleted. Agricultural software can be manually added to this group.