Connect the machine

Your agrirouter is always and exclusively connected to a machine via a telemetry connection.
These can be telemetry units installed ex works by the manufacturer, or retrofitting solutions. You can connect any number of machines to your agrirouter via the telemetry units.
You will find the “Connect telemetry connections” button on the bottom left of the interface of your Control Centre. Click on it and select the telemetry connection you are using in the following window. You will find a list of telemetry connections and apps that are always up to date and that are compatible with agrirouters at
Upon selecting the corresponding telemetry connection, a so-called pop-up window with your registration code opens on your screen. This code is then entered into the telemetry unit on your machine. There are different procedures for this, depending on the manufacturer of the telemetry unit. The connection to your agrirouter is then established. You can also directly copy or print the code that is valid for two hours. You will then find the newly connected telemetry unit in your agrirouter Control Centre.
If your machine is compatible with ISOBUS and the telemetry unit can query the names of the connected machines, you will see the respective machine details on the right. If these prerequisites are missing, only the name of the telemetry unit is displayed. General information, such as the description or the machine designation, can be found in the end point specifications. You can modify the name and description of the end point by clicking on “Edit”. You can remove an end point by clicking the “Delete” button and then confirming your action.